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 Clan history

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VoJ Chieftain
VoJ Chieftain

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PostSubject: Clan history   Mon 31 Jul - 6:00

Short about Clan VoJ

Clan VoJ, the Vindicators of Justice, was founded back in 2003 by Olannon. Intended to be a source for local friends to play and meet on, the clan quickly grew and got a decent amount of members. Back in the good old days, we played ladder wc3, usually team games as we fancied playing together. The pro-gaming über solo wc3 thingy never really appealed to any of us at this time. We had a lot of fun, playing games at least once a day and met new friends online. Some players I remember from this time is Elcazzar, Wersia and DukeAzor.

Eventually some of the members in VoJ grew tired of wc3 and left the clan, occupied with other things; ranging from WoW to school. The ones that were left had now gotten such a good grasp of the game that they wanted to move on. By this time only a handful remained from the original VoJ. We had a little 'hardcore' gaming group that often sat up as long as 4 in the morning even though we had school and/or work the next day. The game still was a lot of fun to most of us, even though some players had played more than 1000 games at this time. At this time 3 of us; CaSh, Metalwar and myself were the ones that were most active.

As time passed, this group also moved on, CaSh went to the armed forces, Metalwar graduated and I had to focus some more on school. Maniac became the Chieftain of VoJ for some time. Around Spring/Summer 2006, I had the time to play wc3 again. A real life friend of mine, aka Rokz, got me into DotA and I was totally addicted within a few days. VoJ turned into a DotA clan within a matter of weeks, and that's were we are now. Most of us are pretty fresh at this moment, but we are learning quickly and enjoying the game. We have a few members that have a decent amount of experience, gladly helping the rest of us out. Members that spring to my mind are Ysera, Izonso and Chibi-sama.

In the end of July 2006, Clan VoJ fusioned with the French Clan Ank, creating the Clan you will see here today. Members include Hiruko, Amaterasu, Assaillant and Monster. We are looking forward to playing DotA together and having a great time.

October 2006, Clan VoJ won their division on The Clan decided to enter since we had a fair amount of skilled players and we wanted more organised matches. As we just entered DotA-league this summer, we started at one of the bottom divisions. We're hoping to work our way upwards, and are looking forward to the next league season.

In December 2006 VoJ entered their second league season, this time in division 4e. VoJ won all of their league game matches, and stood left as the winner in February 2007. The Clan is left with a solid core of players which enjoy playing with eachother, and we're looking forward to the next league season; yet again.


~Vindicators of Justice~
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Clan history
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