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 If you want to join Clan VoJ

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VoJ Chieftain

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PostSubject: If you want to join Clan VoJ   Sun 10 Sep - 2:50

We consider ourselves a rather serious clan. This means that if you want to join, there are a few things you should know.

We have had a lot of requests from various players, asking if they can join VoJ. Often times they are impressed with how one/some of us performed ingame, and want to be a part of it. Other times the request has been made from Shamans/me, asking if players would like to join. However, there are a few guidelines you must follow as part of the clan.

Being in our clan does not mean you just keep on playing DotA, randomly meeting other players online, bashing noobs in pubby's / allstars games. It is about improving your gameplay, playing higher level games (such as CW's, league / inhouse -matches) and enjoying the real aspect of DotA as a teamgame. This means you must be ready to play organised games, train on a weekly basis with the same players. It is not only about the gaming side either, because there are so many things that have to do with this clan except for playing the game. We communicate a lot over msn/skype for instance, and our website is used a lot. You must be willing to spend time "off-game", reading clan messages, strategy, watching replays (at least our own, you should also watch high-level games to improve) etc. For me, I spend as much time offline working with things around the clan; website (see my number of posts here for example), contact, info, as I do with gaming DotA.

So, a short summary
if you want to be in clan VoJ, you must:

-be active on our website
-be part of one of our DotA teams, playing regularly with the same players
-register on and join our clan
-be willing to spend time "off-game" (for example staying in touch with other members on msn)
-you must register a VoJ. account, for example VoJ.IamHere. Mark the letters, big V and big J, small o = VoJ, not Voj or voj_ or anything other funny. VoJ.

...and you must not:

-flame other members. If you have any issues, post on the forums or contact me/Shamans
-be inactive. However, if you are inactive for some time due to personal reasons (for example vacation) simlpy leave a post on the forum, telling us you will be away for however long you will be away. This takes 5 minutes at most and helps us knowing that you are unavailable.
-continue to only play pubby's and allstars. Be willing to play with clan members online, take the time to chat some about clan stuff or tactics. Be polite, don't be impatient and simply play noob-bashing games.

Bottom line: If you want to join VoJ, be prepared to be part of a team, a group of friendly, committed players that care about the clan as a whole, not just the occassional DotA game. If you simply want to play Allstars games and randomly meet clan players online, clan VoJ is not for you.


~Vindicators of Justice~
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If you want to join Clan VoJ
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