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 Clan VoJ ranking system

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VoJ Chieftain

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PostSubject: Clan VoJ ranking system   Wed 6 Dec - 3:56

This will just be a brief description of our ranking system for players to better understand their position in the Clan.

Chieftain - obviously the one who runs most of the things, keeping the Clan together and telling people who's doing what.

Shamans - people that are picked for several reasons: First of all, they need to have a certain level of DotA skills. Second, they have to be active when it comes to "off-game" Clan stuff, such as organzing tactics, training and league participation. Activity on this website is naturally a big part of it. Last but not least they have the right to kick and invite members to the Clan.

Grunts - people that are skilled and reliable Clan members. You will not automatically become a grunt if you have been part of the Clan for X days - having skill level and proving yourself as a valuable and reliable player for VoJ is necessary. Activity is also important, both on our forums and on

Peons - general members. These members are (or, at least they should be) seeking to become grunts of course. As all the other members, their goal should be to become a better DotA player and a known Clan-member.

Clan VoJ's profile can be found >>here<< - it should be up to date at all times Smile


When it comes to serious games; Clan Wars and league games, only grunts (or higher ranked) members may play unless we have no other option.

InHouse games and Fun Wars is accessible for all members unless the Clan is practicing before an upcoming Clan War / league game.

Enjoy and have fun,


~Vindicators of Justice~
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Clan VoJ ranking system
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